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As part of Emirates Identity Authority's continuous efforts to achieve excellence in service delivery and performance improvement to the best levels, and in order to provide a pioneering and interactive experience for visitors and surfers of its website, the Authority conducts this survey to identify your needs, opinions and ideas of development and improvement on the website homepage, hoping to participate effectively and answer the following questions:

1. To which category of customers do you belong?*
2. I am browsing the Authority's website:*
3. How satisfied are you with the design of the Website homepage?*
4. How clear is the information and services on the homepage?*
5. What services do you prefer to appear on the homepage of the website? *
Others: Please specify
6. Are the colors used in homepage consistent and convenient to the eyes?*
7. How do you rate the type of font used on homepage?*
8. If you have any comments or suggestions that contribute to the development of the website, please specify below:

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