Participating in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities has always been a priority to the Emirates Identity Authority. Emirates ID aims to participate in developing the UAE society through taking part in various activities to address the different environmental, economic and humanitarian challenges.

In this respect, and in line with its strategic plan 2010-2013, Emirates ID launched hundreds of national, humanitarian and knowledge sharing activities, campaigns and events during the past four years. And out of its commitment to the social responsibility principle and in line with the UAE leadership vision aimed at promoting social and humanitarian compassion, Emirates ID contributed in sponsoring and supporting several initiatives in collaboration with other government entities.

Through its social initiatives, Emirates ID focused on achieving 4 key objectives:

  •  Sustain and Develop the Knowledge Society

    Emirates ID has maximized its efforts aimed at boosting the knowledge society locally and globally through publishing scientific and practical researches and studies that may help countries and governments develop their work systems and plans related to the advanced ID management. The Authority has also participated in several global conferences, encouraged continuous education and supported scientific researches that contribute to the development of the digital Identity world.

    To view researches and studies in this respect, please click here

  •  Promote Social Interaction

    Emirates ID has enhanced its social communication and interaction with the UAE population by increasing its social initiatives seeking to strengthen its social communication channels and positive interaction with customers. This is line with the Authority’s strategic plan aimed at developing a service-based organization with international standards, and out of its commitment to its institutional values: focusing on customers, team work, trust, responsibility and innovation.

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  •  Enhance Environmental Awareness (The Green Agenda)

    Through its “Green Agenda” initiative, Emirates ID has adopted a number of modern practices, solutions and technological applications to contribute to energy saving and conservation of the environment. This was done through adopting eco-friendly technologies in manufacturing the ID card and upgrading and replacing the devices used across the Authority’s registration centers.

    To view the Green Agenda applications, please click here

  • Sustainability communication

    Emirates Identity Authority’s is a Federal building that attained 2-Pearl Rating as a Green Building, awarded by Estidama, the division of Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council responsible for enforcing and supervising the sustainable development of new buildings in Abu Dhabi.

    To view the Sustainability communication, please click here

  •  Operational Projects (Community-based)

    Out of its commitment to the social responsibility principles, Emirates ID has launched tens of activities, campaigns and events in the social, national, humanitarian, environmental and cultural fields. It has also supported many initiatives in collaboration with other government entities.

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