Emirates ID Award

The Emirates Identity Authority has honored the winning entities and individuals of its “Innovation, Creativity and Institutional Applications” award which it launched in August 2013 with the aim of encouraging individuals and government and private entities to participate in scientific researches and applications in the area of advanced ID in order to support the smart ID system in the UAE.

HE Dr. Eng. Ali Moahmed Al Khouri, Director General of Emirates ID presented the winners with awards and commemorative shields in a ceremony held at the closing of ID World Abu Dhabi 2014 yesterday. Present at the honoring were Richard Kerby, Senior Inter-Regional Advisor, Division for Public Administration and Development Management at the United Nations, international officials and experts, representatives of GCC countries who participated in the Summit, specialists in the field of scientific research and students and researches from Universities and educational institutions in the UAE.

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Best Application in the Field of Advanced ID System

Best Research in the Field of Digital ID Systems

Emirates ID Award for Innovation and Creativity and Institutional Applications

The Emirates Identity Authority has launched an annual award for innovation & creativity and institutional applications. The award aims at encouraging individuals as well as government and private entities to contribute to researches and the development of applications in the field of advanced ID systems which may support “Smart” identity management in the UAE.

The Award categories are:

Best Research in the Field of Digital ID Systems

Conditions for participation:

  • The competition is open for individual researchers inside and outside of the UAE.
  • The paper should add a new scientific value to the subject of research.
  • The research paper should follow proper scientific research methodologies.
  • The paper should be between 8000 and 15000 words.
  • The research must not have been published before and its ideas have to be applicable.
  • The research could be done in Arabic or English.
  • A joint research could be submitted by a number of researchers.
  • The researcher can submit one research only in each category.


  • First Place: AED 100,000
  • Second Place: AED 75,000
  • Third Place: AED 50,000

Best Application in the Field of Advanced ID System

Conditions for participation:

  • The application must be recent, successful and working.
  • Providing a feasibility study showing the results of enabling the ID card application and its effects in developing the entity’s work.
  • Providing the study in Arabic or English.
  • The entity may submit more than one application.
  • Participation on the category of Best Application in the Field of Advanced ID System is limited to government entities and private companies operating in the UAE.
  • Providing a report explaining the mechanism of operating the application and areas where it can be utilised.
  • Consent to advertise the application in the media.
  • Providing a satisfaction survey for customers and employees in light of enabling the ID card application (optional).
  • Providing news stories about the application if available.


  • Best Application in the Government Sector
  • Best Application in the Private Sector
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