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  1. Year of Giving Read more

    A “Year of Charity” is a three-word brief statement, but full of noble meanings inside, with which we start our new year to make it a year of giving, philanthropy, mutual solidarity and compassion. These notions are well-received by the Emirati society as they are typical of human nature and a way to achieve Allah's satisfaction without waiting for a reward or thank-you messages from others. Giving is an act that puts a high value on man and helps spread love and rapport among society members, clear the hearts and remove hatred.

    By declaring 2017 as a “Year of Giving,” our visionary leadership encourages all of us to give as much as we can. Charity is never underestimated as Allah will reward you for any little deed of kindness, not to mention the case with any greater deeds. Charity is a great value cherished by each wise nation, divine religion or world philosophy. It is all about how much man can help all the poor and underprivileged people, who experience hard times, and bring joy to their hearts.

    There are many ways of giving such as volunteering, supporting and taking care of orphans, helping the poor, removing something harmful from the path, relieving the pains of the victims, establishing cooperation and solidarity in the society, providing advice, talking nicely to others, visiting relatives, seeking knowledge for humanity, and showing fortitude in disasters.

    All religions and divine messages urge us to pay special attention to giving and find a special space for it in our life according to our respective financial and moral abilities. This includes our wishes of welfare, wellbeing, speedy recovery and good luck for others.

    We should follow the lead of and learn from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest his soul in peace, who made the UAE the beacon of giving, philanthropy and humanitarian support all over the world. He did never hesitate to help the weak people and relieve the pains of disaster victims; an approach that has been followed by our visionary leadership in bringing giving and philanthropy to all the parts of the world.

    I have no doubt that giving will promote social and economic security as it is conducive to cooperation as four hands are better than two and what can be difficult for one person can be easy for a group of people. So, we should all adopt giving as a lifestyle to ensure solidarity between our people and enable them to help the needy, support the poor and relieve the pains of the victims. Thus, we can establish peace and comfort in our society.

    I pray to Allah to keep the welfare of the people and leadership of UAE, as they are really the best example for charity and to protect this visionary leadership.


    Mariam Fadlallah, Senior Registration Officer - Al Dhaid Customer Service Center

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  2. Not just a card Read more

    Sometimes, I follow up reports of our local newspapers that reveal how people (citizens and expatriates) underestimate the ID card. For this reason, the Emirates ID Authority should go ahead with its campaigns to tell the ID users how to make the optimal use of such highly important card and how to protect it from any abuse by people with bad or criminal intentions. Many see this critical card as just a paid tool to complete the requirements of visa for residents or a transaction in one place or another. This is obviously reflected in the large numbers of the ID cards left at the Emirates Post offices waiting for the cardholders to pick them up.

    Ali Al Amoudi- Writer, Al Ittihad Newspaper

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  3. Patriotism Read more

    The nation represents one of the most precious treasures in which humans take pride. It is the cradle of childhood, the path leading our steps, the place of youth, the refuge of old age, the source of all memories, the spotlight of our lives, the homeland of our ancestors and the haven of our descendants. (Quoted) A person without a nation is a person without an identity, a past or a future. Our love for the nation is irreplaceable; it is the land of our fathers and forefathers; the land of virtue, blessings, generosity and purity.

    Mary Fadlallah

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  4. Surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happy Read more

    Life is all about happiness. We always dream to be happy so we are putting a lot of time, effort and money into it. Can we fulfill it or it would remain a distant dream that we cherish but can not realize it. Happiness has a wider concept that cannot be covered in this limited space or explained in few words. To put it simple, we can say that happiness is that feeling that we feel that everything is ok and beautiful or when we achieve a long-cherished goal. It is when you feel inner peace and self-satisfaction. Happiness is not about having perfect life. It is just a sign of how you are consistent with yourself and with the situations around you. It indicates that you have made your decision to disregard any imperfection.

    Mariam Fadlallah- Senior Registration Executive/ Al Dhaid Customer Service Center

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